The next Diploma training will begin in 2020. The schedule is published in autumn 2019.

WSET Level 4 Diploma training is based on WSET Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma course. The Diploma training was first organised in Wine School Perho in 2001. Since then, 51 students have taken the course in Wine School Perho.

Increased interest in wines and Diploma trainings have created more expertise in professional wine culture in Finland. The three pioneering Finnish Master of Wine graduates have also acquired their skills in Wine School Perho. Wine School Perho has also brought many significant international lecturers to Finland.

Experiences from the training

Teemu Rinta-Mänty, wine entrepreneur and blogger (Copatinto):

“The Diploma has been a significant step forward in deepening my wine knowledge. The training offers an excellent possibility to widen and deepen one’s understanding of the world of wines in the guidance of experienced domestic and international top professionals. Not to forget about brilliant fellow students who support you and from whom you always learn new things.

During the studies you get to challenge yourself both in terms of time management, study methods and wine knowledge. Old perspectives and beliefs can be scrapped or redesigned as new, wider and fact-based ones spring up. The good reputation and respect the Diploma has earned arises from the high standard of the training. Getting the Diploma opens new doors, makes networking easier and, above all, gives a signal of strong expertise and commitment to my clients.”

Reetta Tamminen, Partner, Kattava Catering Lappeenranta:

”To me taking the Diploma has mainly been an opportunity to challenge myself and throw myself in to the matter. Excellent and committed teachers created an incredible ground for the training and managing the tight schedule of self-studies was rewarded with expected test results. Success improved motivation and made me eager to face new challenges. The Diploma gave both resources and self-confidence to train our staff and spread wine knowledge in tastings and trainings in the county.

The best thing about the Diploma has been fellow students, who have encouraged and supported me; people of different ages and backgrounds all facing the same challenges. It has been great to get to know new people who are as enthusiastic about wines as I am. Had I stayed at home, I would never had met them and I believe Knowing them will be useful and bring joy in the future.”

To enter the Diploma training, you need have done the WSET Level 3 Wines, Advanced course. Level 3 course gives you a solid ground for learning the market mechanisms of the world of wines. Wines are the focal point of this course, as well. The systematic tastings includes ca. 400 wines in pedagogically designed units. The course language is English.

WSET Diploma training consists of the following units: D1 Wine Production, D2 Wine Business, D3 Wines of the World, D4 Sparkling Wines, D5 Fortified Wines and D6 Independent Research Assignment.

In Wine School Perho the lectures of D3 have been grouped by grapes, thus placing the grapes and the characteristics of different wine regions side by side. Italy and Spain form their own entities and, in addition, other wines of the New World are presented in their own lectures.

Description of the WSET Diploma >>

Further study material
The price of the course includes WSET study guides, with concise, but extensive coverage of theoretical aspects of the topics. In addition, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with some major publications in the field recommended by WSET. We also recommend that students acquire additional literature according to a list provided in the training.

Teachers in WSET Diploma training
• Dr Monica Christmannof Geisenheim University is an acknowledged and popular researcher focused in growing and making wine. Geisenheim is one of the   most   prestigious wine research institutes.
• Wine consultant and teacher, Master of Wine Frank Smuldersis a specialist in Spanish and Alsatian wines and wine regions.
• Master of Wine Michael Palij runs Diploma trainings in Oxford and is a wine importer. Palij is specialised in French and Italian wines.
•  Master of Wine Essi Avellan is our internationally renowned champagne expert.
• Sensory psychologist (PsM) Mika Vanne has taught in Wine School Perho for over a decade. He writes articles and consults people and businesses in the Finnish wine industry.
• Jouko Mykkänen is the Educational Manager of Wine School Perho and writes articles on wines e.g. for Helsingin Sanomat.

WSET Level 4 Diploma training started 31.8.2018 (we reserve the right to schedule changes).

Load schedule here: Perho Pro WSET DIPLOMA 2018-2019 Schedule >>

The WSET Diploma programme can be completed in a year. The training sessions are carried out in units of one to three days in Wine School Perho. The total amount of contact learning is 23 days and 5 exam days. It is advised to reserve at least six days a month for self-study. Before exams it is good to have time for preparation.

The WSET Diploma exams measure the versatility of students’ knowledge. D1 Wine Production: multiple-part open response paper, D2 Wine Business: multiple-part open response paper. D3 Wines of the World, exam day 1: theory exam of open response/essay questions, day 2: tasting exam of 12 wines. D4 Sparkling Wines: multiple-part response questions, tasting of three wines. D5 Fortified Wines: multiple-part open response paper, tasting of three wines. D6 Independent Research Assignment: one research assignment of 3.000 words.

After passing all the exams you receive a WSET Certificate and pin.

Price and terms of cancellation
The study fee is 7.200 € + VAT 24 %, 8928 € incl. VAT 24 % (year 2020). The price includes lectures according to the programme in Wine School Perho and on the study trip, samples in tastings, practice exams and essays, WSET materials and exams. Retakes of exams are charged separately. Billing is done in four installments during the studies two installments in the autumn and two in the spring. Participation in the course is binding after confirmation of starting the course.

Training venue
The training sessions are arranged in Perho Pro, Perhonkatu 11, Helsinki.

The participants will also study in Geisenheim Research Institute in Rheingau, Germany. The period will include both theoretical studies and tastings as well as visits to Rheingau vineyards and other wine regions nearby. The study trip will also take the students to the regions of Alsace and Champagne in France similar programme as in Rheingau.

The study trip (travel and accommodation) is paid by the students. Wine School Perho will not reserve fares or accommodation or act as organizer of the trip, but students will take care of these themselves (the preliminary cost of accommodation is 40 € / night). In addition, students will pay for field trips (charter bus) to vineyards and extra tastings.

Further information
Sirpa Vaahti, Education Coordinator
050 3100 787
sirpa.vaahti (at)