Travel Assistant

Travel Assistant (unit Guiding in foreign language, tutkinnon osa Opastaminen vieraalla kielellä)

“The aim of the training is to achieve the skills in order to work as a Travel Assistant handling international travelers and groups in the harbors and airports.”

Those applying for the training are required to have strong motivation, previous work experience in tourism or in customer service, suitable health for the work (the work requires a great deal of time standing and walking), readiness for online learning, adequate written and oral skills in English and at least one other foreign language (in case the working language is not English) and basic level of oral and written Finnish.

The training takes into consideration the nature and the needs of the tourism business of today and it focuses on the customer service and guiding skills. The final aim of the training is to pass the competence test (unit “Guiding in foreign language”, part of the Qualification of Guide Services ). This training consists of multiform learning including contact lessons, practical training and online learning. The contact lessons will be given mainly on the Töölö campus and also, in case of the practical training, in central Helsinki. The training programme will be in English.

A personal study plan will be made for each student; the duration of the studies might vary according to the individual background of each student.

The training fee is 50 euros.


– Orientation to the studies (the 26th and 27th of August 2021)

– Basics of the tourism industry

– The work of a Travel Assistant

– Security in tourism

– First Aid skills

– Responsible tourism

– Customer service

– Guiding skills

– Practical training

– The competence test

– The last day of studies (the 10th of December 2021)


The application period is closed.

Representatives of Perho PRO make a pre-selection based on the applications. In the application, it is important to describe the suitability and motivation for working as a Travel Assistant. After a pre-selection, some of the applicants will be invited for selection interviews. The interviews will be organized either at the Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College (Helsinki) or on-line on the 18th of August 2021.


For more information about the training programme, please contact:

Karla Ruutu
Education and Training Specialist, 0400 520335